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Of Healing & Rebirth

My story is one “of Healing and Rebirth”—

an odyssey that shaped me into the Fulfilment Mastery Coach I am today!

My coaching journey wasn't a direct path; it evolved from a clear goal: Instil a sense of rebirth in Others”. The roots of this mission, however, trace back to a profound period of Loss, Grief & Life Challenges. Seeking solace from all these reminders of my pain, I took a leap and relocated from Paris to London 12 years ago, finding refuge in the solitude of another country.

For two decades, I embraced that solitude, cherishing the protection of my self-imposed bubble. Deep connections were avoided, shielding me from the potential pain of disappointment. I felt strong & ready, so I decided to adventure myself back into the world…only to realize that the strength I thought I had developed in solitude was merely a protective wall - not true healing

I understood that I needed to take an extra step - an exploration of who I truly was, confronting buried emotions, unprocessed grief, and a profound shift in mindset. The main driver for my motivation was the desire to bring peace to my lost loved ones. I couldn't keep them bound to my sorrow and unfulfillment.

How would they feel seeing me in such a state?

What would they want for me?

It was a turning point: I realised I was surviving, not living. So, I redirected my focus to nurturing myself, honouring the life I had left, and, in doing so, honouring their love for me. This realisation came with a profound understanding: Loss is about losing someone or something that gives meaning to your life, that adds to Your Life. But your Life is Your responsibility.

I eventually got to a place where I felt ready & equipped to fully embrace life's experiences and many possibilities. I was finally ready to make some room for myself in this world!

It took me over 30 years to realise my purpose and true aspirations: I decided to become The Fulfilment Mastery Coach and accelerate the learning curve for others. I never second-guessed it once since.

Through my coaching, I guide others on their healing journey, exhorting them to give themselves a second chance at life. The "Roadmap to Rebirth" is my way of extending a helping hand to those seeking to Rewire their mindset, Bounce back from challenges, & experience Growth.

This is why I do what I do.

This is why I chose to train, learn, grow and focus on people

- One person at a time-

& lead them towards taking complete ownership of their lives.


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