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Of New Era & Schrödinger's Cat

Welcome to 2024: Transformative Era.

As a proud 80’s kid, it was a bit scary for me, at first, to enter this new era... I kept in mind that with every revolution, extremism and fundamentalism can spur. But I must say that contributing to -and witnessing- these revolutions redefining identity, sexuality, and spirituality is remarkable. We went from everyone trying to find a place in this universe to focusing on finding yourself and letting it reflect on the world, making it yours.

Be yourself, and the world will adjust.”

Everywhere, you can witness increased self-awareness in every area of Life, a profound general focus on personal development and an actual pursuit of happiness. From the way we work, love, and define ourselves, to our interactions with the world, leading to a better understanding of our environmental & social impact.

But sadly, we are still at a time where political and economic disagreements can lead to wars…

Last year, an acquaintance was telling me how saddened they were to see the world worsening as we were discussing the ongoing protests. I disagreed; they were simply unaware of what had been happening in the world for a very long time… They didn’t know. But then, they did. And now, everyone does.

One could argue that knowing is one thing, but is it going to change anything at all?

To be honest, I don't know; we shall see.

People know, people have voices; they speak up and report.

The Internet, digital world, and social media facilitated that communication and access to information. And even though it did help in some aspects, I cannot ignore that there is a considerable silver lining to their use. We shall see.

I was recently watching a horror movie about exorcism, and I was so amazed to see that, even there, we can notice the impact of spiritual growth. The main character, the Nun, was taking a coaching approach, digging deeper than what was presented to her, understanding the complexity of the human mind and working towards empowering the possessed..!

According to her, connecting to the person was as crucial as quoting the scriptures in the process and even necessary for a complete healing. She could see past the demon and find the victim behind, then get the victim to take back control, change their perspectives and acknowledge that they are a resourceful human. From “victim”, they could become “creators", embracing and revealing their own power.

Because of shame and guilt, the possessed ones had unknowingly let evil in and surrendered. But possession was not the cause of their ills; it was the symptom. The Nun/Coach connected to them like no one else, guiding them through self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. She pushed them to uncover the underlying problems, the root issues. By the end of the session, they were able to give themselves some grace, breaking through their feelings and freeing themselves from evil. And here they were: back in charge of their Selves, with increased self-love and a change of perspective on the traumatic experiences that initiated the surrendering.

Did you watch the latest Black Mirror series..? The first episode is relatively straightforward, with a clear message in the character's last sentence:

“Now, I feel like the main character in my own life”.

Like her, many people live a vanilla life where they remain an observer and let life happen to them. They are not actively making decisions to feel more fulfilled.

But beware: If you are not the driver, you might just end up living a story that is written for you. Another powerful mirroring of the unfortunate common illness many of us are suffering from.

Stop and decide to direct your life intentionally:

Life is about taking action towards the happiness you aspire to.

Don’t get stuck in your limiting beliefs; take back control of your life.

It is easier than it seems once you have decided to commit to yourself.

Also, have you ever heard/thought about the Schrödinger's Cat experiment?

Some see it as an Absurdity whose original meaning has been misunderstood, while Others take it literally and integrate the concept into their definition of reality -or realities-, and leverage that approach in quantum research.

Either way, my take on this is to focus on another aspect of this theoretical scenario: the Truth; accepting what happened, what is yet possible, and embracing the present.

As long as we are not looking into the box, both possibilities coexist.

But what is in the box? Whatever you choose to believe, wouldn’t it be worth finding out what actually happened in your reality at some point?

All possibilities remain when facing an uncertain future, so you can still decide which reality you desire and work towards achieving it. When something has already happened, finding out doesn’t mean the end of it; it is additional data to take on so you can focus on what is yet to happen.

To summarise, accept what is and focus on other remaining possibilities.

  • If the cat is no longer alive, did they have kittens, what would happen to them, and erm, should we talk about the abuse, sacrificing this life for the sake of the experiment..?

  • If it is indeed alive, is he hungry, scared or traumatised for having been put inside that box?

Don’t worry too much; it was a “thought experiment”, and no cat was injured in the process. 😏

And to get a bit deeper into theories -Yes, I confess; I am really fond of them!-: what if we were indeed living in a simulation, placed here by God - or the Grand Architect (depending on your faith and beliefs)? Or what if we were right into the soul/reincarnation trap..? These are just words to describe the phenomenon that Life is; naming something indeed helps us humans entertain the feeling of ownership and comprehension.

So, I will say that the point remains the same:

  • Positive emotions break the cycle and free you up.

  • Your Life can be what You make of it.

  • The Choice is Yours.

Just giving us even more reasons to Live. Isn’t the goal of a simulation to experience something as if it were..? Then, again, I feel the focus should be brought back to fully experience life in every aspect and embrace the journey. We can -and should- explore, exchange, and get exciting information in the process. Let’s keep learning by sharing, theorising and…experiencing!

Our actions still have consequences, and we are evolving in this reality:

You cannot remain in your box and live outside of your reality, for life is happening and can catch up with you faster than you can with it..!

When you can still impact your reality, focus on the present and work towards designing your future.

But do not spend too much time thinking about that box;

Just Open It & Move Forward.


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