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Bounce Back & Grow

Lost your anchors..?

Find Your Self & Find Your Way


Renewed Clarity & Momentum
through Life Challenges

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My Mission

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Your Fulfilment Mastery Coach
Find Your Self & Find Your Way through Life Transitions & Loss.

I made it my mission to get you out of your limbo:

Take my virtual hand & together, let’s get you going!

Using Agape ε Philautia as a vessel, I provide Life Strategy Coaching, to help you

Rewire, Bounce back & Grow. 

Get Clarity & regain Momentum to Navigate through Life Challenges

& Build a Brighter Tomorrow. 

Heal from the Past

Focus on the Present & Shape Tomorrow

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About You

About You

  • I am feeling uninspiredempty, stuck in limbo…

  • I want to move from surviving to actually living again…

  • I am moving through a transition, and I don't have a clear direction.

  • I know who I will become if things don't change; I want to do something about it.

Sounds familiar...?


👉 First, let’s make this clear: there is Nothing Wrong with You


Throughout our journeys, we can suddenly face an unexpected “New Normal”: such as losing someone or experiencing a major life transition. Through these events, you lose someone or something that gave meaning to your Life.


It only makes sense that we feel disconnection, fear of losing ourselves, and lack of fulfilment at some point in our adult lives. 

When these feelings come up, it is necessary to pause, rewire and recentre yourself. 

💡 Good news! You can choose not to let Life happen to you.

Take action today: we will dig deep, spark your inspiration again & connect with your dormant dreams. Our work is introspective & proactive; we will equip you to navigate life while you consistently take action towards your goals.

Ready to take Ownership of Your Life &

Rewrite Your Reality?

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Cracked Surface
Cracked Surface

My story is one “of Healing and Rebirth”—

an odyssey that shaped me into the Fulfilment Mastery Coach I am today!

My coaching journey wasn't a direct path; it evolved from a clear goal: Instil a sense of rebirth

in Others”. The roots of this mission, however, trace back to a profound period of Loss, Grief

& Life Challenges. Seeking solace from all these reminders of my pain, I took a leap and

relocated from Paris to London 12 years ago, finding refuge in the solitude of another country.

For two decades, I embraced that solitude, cherishing the protection of my self-imposed bubble. Deep connections were avoided, shielding me from the potential pain of disappointment. I felt strong & ready, so I decided to adventure myself back into the world…only to realize that the strength I thought I had developed in solitude was merely a protective wall - not true healing… 

I understood that I needed to take an extra step - an exploration of who I truly was, confronting buried emotions, unprocessed grief, and a profound shift in mindset. The main driver for my motivation was the desire to bring peace to my lost loved ones.

I couldn't keep them bound to my sorrow and unfulfillment.

How would they feel seeing me in such a state? What would they want for me? It was a turning point: I realised I was surviving, not living. So, I redirected my focus to nurturing myself, honouring the life I had left, and, in doing so, honouring their love for me.

This realisation came with a profound understanding: Loss is about losing someone or something that gives meaning to your life, that adds to Your Life. But your Life is Your responsibility.

I eventually got to a place where I felt ready & equipped to fully embrace life's experiences and many possibilities. I was finally ready to make some room for myself in this world!

It took me over 30 years to realise my purpose and true aspirations: I decided to become The Fulfilment Mastery Coach and accelerate the learning curve for others. I never second-guessed it once since.  

Through my coaching, I guide others on their healing journey, exhorting them to give themselves a second chance at life. The "Roadmap to Rebirth" is my way of extending a helping hand to those seeking to Rewire their mindset, Bounce back from challenges, & experience Growth.

This is why I do what I do. This is why I chose to train, learn, grow and focus on people - One person at a time-

& lead them towards taking complete ownership of their lives.

About Me

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AεP Core Values


In this journey to fulfilment, the relationship with Self is the first element within control that one needs to address.

I exhort people to uncover, and remember their identity & values by offering a judgement-free space.

Not condemning actions or past experiences but exploring together the correlations between the thought beliefs, emotions and the resulting behaviour.

Peace, Forgiveness & Grace lead to Acceptance, Healing and Growth.


Light is what pushed my Coachees to reach out. That light that is fighting inside, asking you to make some room in this world, for it to grow and shine. To reveal your true best self to the world.

Faith” or “Hope”, that light will be the main driver for your motivation, a commitment to yourself and to the process. 



It takes more energy to fake it..! Free yourself from the role/image placed upon you & reconnect with your Self.

Embrace who you have become to make place for your best self and not silencing, censoring your true self. The safe space I am creating enables this connection & openness; mandatory to the process. Our sessions are confidential, we are working together towards your goals, and the Chemistry Call allows us to assess and confirm we can create a transparent collaboration.

4. POWER to control your GROWTH

My Coachees are Creators: we all are resourceful souls, and the same way we create chaos, we are capable of the most amazing achievements. Forgetting this means that one lets ”life happen to them”, however this is Your life. You can actually rewrite your reality and create a healthier, happier, more fulfilled Tomorrow. In my coaching, this translates by Initiative & Knowledge, we make sure you are equipped to face what comes next, you take consistent action and can better manage your self.

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Self-care is More than just a Word...

Download your Free Workbook now!
Tips, Tools & Self-Assessments to help Nurture your Self & Grow.

CLICK HERE to download your workbook


  • What are the foundations of a coaching relationship?
    The beauty of coaching is that it is temporary and has a positive ripple effect on every area of your life. This is about helping the coachee to connect or reconnect with their inner Coach. until they are equipped to face whatever situation they may encounter. Coaching is a collaborative process, which is reflected in my approach; offering regular checking points through the program, and collecting your feedback to optimise our work. Your honesty and commitment to the process are crucial for us to achieve your goals. My role is to accelerate your learning curve by using behavioural techniques and specific tips & tools. We would identify, maximise, utilise and leverage your strengths based on your needs, values, and personality. As a team, we will explore your deeper needs and aspirations, and find out what interferes with your success. Through the process, we will uncover solutions and take action.
  • What is a Fulfilment Mastery Coach; in comparison to traditional medical therapists?
    Fulfilment Mastery Coach is another designation for life coaching. This is a partnership in which you are not a patient but a client or “coachee”. Traditional therapy techniques look into a patient's past to try and diagnose emotional issues that are rooted in previous experiences. They are based on the medical model; therapists diagnose and cure a type of dysfunction- i.e: a psychotherapist would identify a personality disorder and help the person recover their normal functions, and reduce symptoms. I take a different approach, less formal or rigid. I am a wellness professional who helps people identify internal and external obstacles. I focus more on self-empowerment and self-love, therefore the emphasis is on positive personal potential rather than dysfunctions. "Don't focus on the past but use it to be unstoppable"
  • What does "being certified" imply?
    Self-proclaimed life coaches using aggressive marketing are not necessarily certified and adequately trained. As an alumna of the Jay Shetty Certification School, my coaching program meets the AC (Association of Coaching) standards and complies with the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors' ethical guidelines. They provide practical experience and maintain the highest professional standards, ensuring quality within our industry.
  • I have just scheduled a Chemistry Call, what comes next; what shall I expect?
    Upon scheduling the free Chemistry call, you will receive a confirmation email including further instructions to help us optimise our first contact. The main requirements would be ensuring that you are in a quiet and distraction-free environment, open to learning more about yourself and seeking a positive change in your life. If you are not familiar with coaching, the first step will be for you to understand: - 1: what a coaching relationship is; which we will explore during our call. Rest reassured that this is a judgement-free space, where you can bring your authentic self; - and 2: that this is all about you, your commitment to the process is essential. It takes two to tango..! Following our conversation, you will receive the operating agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions: availability, rescheduling/cancellation policies and the program’s details. The Chemistry Call is non-committal; it will help us assess and confirm whether we would make a good team and can effectively work together.
  • Are the sessions exclusively in English? Are they in-person or online?
    I run sessions both in English and French. I offer mainly online sessions, to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their locations. However, in-person meetings can be considered depending on your situation, availability, and logistics.
  • What if I need further medical attention and support?
    In accordance with my ethical duty, my goal is to ensure that you always benefit from the best relevant care your situation requires. If at any point throughout the sessions, we find out that you are subject to severe depression or self-harming thoughts, I will alert you and suggest you see a medical therapist. I would share recommendations depending on your location. However, coaching remains a powerful complement to any therapy and effectively supports your progress, as I would guide you through the process of rebuilding a healthy and satisfying life.
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