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Cracked Surface

My Approach

My approach is centred around

Fulfilment & Growth and facilitates

Healing, Empowerment & Success

With the help of tools such as cognitive behavioural methodology,  scientific principles, and existential positive psychology, we can implement a tangible positive change.

Loss & Life Transitions are opportunities for Rebirth.


Roadmap to Rebirth

8 weeks to Rewire, Bounce back & Grow

A results-driven coaching program

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Clarity Call

👉 Everyone needs Clarity 

Whether it's personal or professional, achieving clarity can make a world of difference.

These single sessions are tailored to bring you a profound sense of clarity & recentre your Mindset

What to expect?

🗓️ Duration- 90 minutes 

🌐 Accessible -  £175 

🌏 Online booking- Video call 

💼 Pre-session Assessment

💡 Comprehensive Session Summary

  • Mission: pre-session assessment to optimise our time together. We will tailor the session to address your specific challenges.

  • 90-min open-hearted conversation to give you more clarity & figure out next steps.

  • Comprehensive Summary highlighting the key discoveries & insights gained during our conversation: a valuable reference as you continue your journey towards Self-discovery &  Growth.


Workshops & Roundtables

My free Workshops and Roundtables are passports to a more meaningful, connected Life, where authenticity meets empowerment.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏿 Circle of Insight with The Women’s Fulfilment Initiative 

Our Circles of Insight are cozy roundtables limited to 6 seats, creating an intimate setting for you to bring your concerns, share with the group, and receive valuable feedback. 

I will be your coach and facilitator, guiding the conversation with specific and leading questions to ensure a balanced and effective exchange of experiences and perspectives.

🚀 Fulfilment 101 Workshops - Open to all!

 In these workshops, limited to 10 participants, we will deep dive into specific topics around self-discovery, heightened awareness, and navigating the twists & turns of Life.

Your feedback, suggestions, and requests for future workshops are not just welcomed but encouraged - this community is a space where everyone's voice matters.

📜 Our Manifesto ensures confidentiality, respect and authenticity.

Join us in nurturing a community that thrives on shared experiences, mutual support, and personal growth. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Cracked Surface


Your Growth, Your Words

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