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Roadmap to Rebirth

8 weeks to Rewire, Bounce back & Grow

This is for You if:

➤ You are ready - or at least willing to heal & grow from the pain and past experiences

➤ You are craving for a positive change but don’t know what you want or where to start

➤ There is a light inside you begging for your attention: you don’t want to give up on Life’s many possibilities

➤You are tired of surviving and don’t want to give up on yourself.

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Cracked Surface

What to expect?

My 8-week results-driven coaching program:

✔ Reconnect with your Self

After experiencing a loss or a challenging life transition, it is crucial to rewire and reconnect with your true self.

Redefining/Remembering who you are when facing this “New Normal” will help define the life you want to create.

✔ Of Healing & Mindset

We will break through your feelings, past experiences & shift your own limited beliefs; proving that there is more to expect from life. You will grieve for the life you had imagined and the person you used to be. We will tackle your fear of the unknown and spark your inspiration, leaving you with a Gratitude & Growth mindset.


✔ Deepen your Relationship with Others

As you learn to nurture and reveal yourself, you can better connect with people around you and deepen your existing relationships. There are many people you are yet to cross paths with; be ready to embrace these connections and build authentic relationships.


✔ Tackle Internal & External Obstacles

We will work towards removing obstacles and blockages, such as bad habits, negative patterns, and low self-esteem/confidence.

You will implement a lifestyle that matches your values and aspirations; you will be thriving personally & professionally.

✔ Optimise Growth through Initiative & Knowledge

You will be relieved, confident, open and authentic. Consistently taking action towards shaping the rest of your life, and ready to embrace what comes next in your journey. 

You are a Survivor; now is the time to actually Live!

Cracked Surface
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What is included?

  • Chemistry Call - A free 45min initial conversation to explore your situation and assess whether we would make a good team

  • Comprehensive Session Summaries highlighting the key discoveries and insights gained during our conversation. This will serve as a valuable reference as you continue your journey. This way, you can be fully present and don’t need to take notes. 

  • Weekly Missions - practical exercises and actions to ensure progress.

  • Consistency Call - a complementary 45min check-in call a few weeks after the completion of the roadmap.

Cracked Surface


Your Growth, Your Words

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